Timberroot Rustic Retreats is in search of a contract maintenance team member for the Altamont, TN, glamping campus. Experience in construction, masonry, landscaping, carpentry or other trades is preferred, but not required.
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Job description

  1. Hot tub draining and filling
  2. Deck repairs, if needed
  3. Basic electrical repairs
  4. Drywall patching, trim replacement 
  5. Trash removal
  6. Grout repair
  7. Basic plumbing repairs and fixture replacement
  8. Light fixture replacements
  9. Floor repairs
  10. HVAC maintenance and filter cleaning
  11. Freeze protection in winter

Periodically, larger projects may occur, such as deck construction, lighting installation, dome patching and replacement, etc.  While some duties are routine and consistent with turnovers, others are on-demand repairs.  This is a classic handyman position, but we provide a consistent and sustained level of paid contract work.  Pay starts at $25 an hour, while some work is paid by the job – such as turning over a hot tub or removing trash. 

We have plans to develop this campus further, providing more work and possibly a full-time position with many great benefits, including health coverage, retirement contributions, paid time off, long-term disability, and more.  Timberroot typically offers 25% more than the going rate for an on-site position.  We also have openings in cleaning.  

Evaluation & Advancement Opportunity

Advancement within Timberroot is largely self-guided so higher earnings can be achieved quickly if one demonstrates enough tenacity and a willingness to learn. You will meet with your supervisor(s) on a quarterly basis to review your achievements, evaluate quality of work and job knowledge, assess challenges and opportunities for growth, and set measurable goals. These meetings will contextualize your professional growth, earnings potential, and direction within the organization.

Workplace Philosophy

While we maintain a drug-free workplace, we believe that our business is to host travelers for the most memorable locations near the most beautiful sights - it is not to tell you how to think or how to live. We do not discriminate by race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation though our core philosophy is firm. Vaccinated or unvaccinated - that if your business and your choice (we will never ask). It is not our job to tell folks how to live and how to think though we reserve the right to dismiss difficult customers and staff members alike. This is not a place for preaching, nor a place for ego. This is a place to plug into the team and watch new ideas and talents come alive! It is a place to develop new skills and see a career with a superb work family thrive. We encourage self-driven individuals, innovation, and askew micro-management.

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